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Agilis Networks Inc.

Agilis Networks, Founded in 1997, is the backbone for much of the enterprise-level networking needs of many Northern Ontario communities. With a robust fiber-optic network, Agilis is the premier choice for businesses and organizations in need of top-of-line, reliable telecommunication services. Agilis has evolved from its roots as a “carrier’s carrier” into a total telecommunication solutions company providing services in fibre optics, internet, voice systems and tele-presence across Northern Ontario.

Agilis’ Computer Software Pain Points:

  • There was a disconnect between sales communication and service deployment.
  • Previous service solutions were not integrated to each other: i.e. billing (CIS), Support ticket system (Emerald), and accounting systems were all stand alone and required extensive, time consuming, and manual integration.
  • A lot of rekeying between the systems was occurring with some inconsistency between the data in different systems.
  • Limited reporting capabilities.
  • Multiple systems resulted in “Many versions of the truth” and stand alone “islands of data”.

Lloyd Research Group’s CRM Software Strategy:
The Lloyd Research team hosted numerous stakeholder meetings with the key users from Agilis Networks Inc. to understand their processes’ strengths, weaknesses, threats and to identify potential opportunities to optimize the process, the data and the customer service experience using Microsoft technology.

It was important to the Agilis Networks’ team to have a fully integrated, user-friendly system that was scalable and able to support multiple departments, multiple users, in addition to providing automated, accurate and highly detailed reporting to support strategic business development.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Software Solution:

Implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that consolidates all products sales and services in one system:

  • Dynamics CRM for sales and service automation
  • Implements an integrated solution to track and manage installed services at customer sites:
    1. a) Service requests
    2. b) Outside plant
    3. c) Planned outage notifications
  • Enhanced sales mapping/trip planning and analysis with CallPlanner
  • ISO tracking and reporting integrated into the CRM solution.

Successes Achieved with the CRM Software:

  • The entire team works from a single version of trusted data.
  • The Technical Services team now work from Service Requests that are based upon exactly what the customer ordered.
  • Clients are experiencing faster launch times on their service subscription.
  • Better quality data tracking and management in ISO meetings
  • A stronger competitive advantage by using technology to manage departments.
  • Easy access to integrated mapping and service information. for planning sales calls by providing
  • Remote access for field and sales staff from laptops, phones and tablets.
  • Elimination of “islands of data” by incorporating all former systems under one umbrella.

Customer Comments:

Our Lloyd Research team can solve any enterprise software problem. Lloyd Research Group can resolve any of your enterprise software challenges, and collaborate with both Business and IT to further optimize your system. Your results? A bigger ROI from your ERP software solution.

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