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Elasto-Valve Rubber Products

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products, located in Sudbury Ontario, manufactures hand-built, custom and standardized products for the Mining, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Industrial, Marine and Power Generation Industries across North America.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Software Pain Points:

  • Decision makers wanted more visibility into production scheduling and capacity planning for the company. There were Islands of valuble data that could be better utilized with improved integration: i.e. shop floor planner, accounting, AutoDesk Inventor, and spreadsheets.
  • Historical information could be consolidated to better assist with formulating business development strategies.
  • There was some duplicate data entry occurring at times which required rekeying order information into the scheduling system.
  • There was some reliance on paper-based systems resulting in some staff time to update project completion records.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Software Strategy:

The Lloyd Research team hosted stakeholder meetings with the key users from EVR to understand their processes’ strengths, weaknesses, threats and to identify potential opportunities to optimize the process, the data and the customer service experience using technology.

It was important to the EVR team to have a fully integrated, user-friendly system that could replace their existing software solution. The new technology needed to be scalable and able to support the full integration of all the data silos, to include multiple departments, multiple users, in addition to providing automated, accurate and highly detailed reporting to support strategic business development. An important focus was on finding a Job Scheduling Solution with a focus on:

  • Resource scheduling
  • Job costing
  • Inventory Management

Lloyd Research Group also identified the potential to implement additional technology based solutions in the areas of:

  • CRM to enhance client and order management
  • Scanners on the shop floors to streamline payroll and job costing.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Software Solution:

Lloyd Research Group provided a Diagnostic report that captured EVR’s ERP and CRM software requirements and matched them to a “right sized” job shop software solution for review and action.

The report outlined the following:

  • Identified solution alternatives
  • A roadmap outlining the main business drivers, requirements, and proposed solution outline
  • A business case to present to management and funders to review and approve

Successes Achieved with the ERP & CRM Software:

EVR was able to use this Diagnostic analysis report and recommendations to validate their selection of an ERP solution and incorporate the decisions made into their strategic plans for future implementation.

Customer Comments:

Our Lloyd Research team can solve any enterprise software problem. Lloyd Research Group can resolve any of your enterprise software challenges, and collaborate with both Business and IT to further optimize your system. Your results? A bigger ROI from your ERP software solution.

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