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Levert Group

A large personnel staffing agency,   The Levert Group provides long-term personnel services in Ontario, Newfoundland, Houston Texas and world-wide to these sectors: Mining, Oil & Gas (Offshore and onshore), Marine crewing, Industrial, Construction and Technical Trades.

There are a large number of payroll processed weekly with multiple corporate divisions for accounting to manage and report on.

Levert Group’s Computer Software Pain Points:

  • Outgrew current accounting software (Sage – Business Visions); the system created an unstable platform and data quality was coming into question.
  • It was taking the company many months to wrap up year-end due to double checking numbers from their current software system.
  • They needed more robust software to handle the multiple users all day long.
  • Their current software solutions were not integrated to each other: Canadian payroll (Avanti), Staffing CRM (Adapt), and accounting (Business Visions).
  • There was a lot of rekeying between the systems which created inconsistencies between the data in different systems.
  • Their software offered limited reporting capabilities. With multiple sofware systems resulted in “Many versions of the truth” and “islands of data” to work through and analyze.
  • It always took an extensive amount of time to complete month end.
  • Reporting (bank reconciliations) was delaying management ability to make decisions in a timely fashion due to limitats of financial reporting tools.


Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Software Solution:
It was important to the Levert team to have a fully integrated, user-friendly system that was scalable and able to support multiple provinces and countries’ payrolls and regulations, in addition to providing automated, accurate and highly detailed reporting to support strategic business development.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Experts’ Software Strategy:

  • Implement a Microsoft Dynamics ERP based solution that could be fully integrated to other systems.
  • Integrate Dynamics GP to support Levert’s core financials across all their divisions.
  • Integrate a 3rd party add-on for Dynamics GP specifically made for staffing agencies called Personnel Agency Manager (PAM) by Professional Advantage.
  • Implement an integrated electronic bank reconciliation solution
  • Implement electronic bank reconciliations in GP.
  • Create integrations between the various vertical software products (line of business software), to unify the systems.
  • Use Scribe to interface GP to their existing Canadian Payroll system for automatic transfer of paycheque
  • Integrate Avanti to PAM add-on for complete detailed costing on their jobs/assignments.
  • Integrate the staffing Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM).

Successes Achieved with the ERP Sofware Strategy:

  • Improved and significant turnaround on financial reporting by eliminating manual bank reconciliations and automating.
  • Levert’s three- weeks month end process was reduced to a matter of days
  • The new ERP software system was more robust, stable and easily supported a multi-user accounting
  • Levert Group is now using software technology to create and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • The new solutions offer better reporting.
  • There is now enhanced integration between systems.
  • The accuracy significantly improved.

Customer Comments:

Our Lloyd Research team can solve any enterprise software problem. Lloyd Research Group can resolve any of your enterprise software challenges, and collaborate with both Business and IT to further optimize your system. Your results? A bigger ROI from your ERP software solution.

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