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Milman Industries Inc.

Millman Industries Inc. is an industrial commercial enterprise that is the parent company to 25 mining and industrial service and supply companies that provide products and services throughout Canada and North America. All of Millman Industries’ companies are managed by a central accounting services department.

Millman’s Computer Software Pain Points:

  • They outgrew their current system (Jonas)
  • They had customized their current system to the point that it could no longer meet their needs.
  • The (Jonas) construction management software, was not suited to other industries like distribution, waste management, logistics and could not be further customized to meet their needs.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Software Solution:

The Lloyd Research team hosted numerous stakeholder meetings with the key users from each of the Millman companies to understand their present software’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and to identify potential opportunities.

It was important to the Millman Industries’ team to have a fully integrated, user-friendly system that was scalable and able to support multiple companies, multiple users, in addition to providing automated, accurate and highly detailed reporting to support strategic business development.

Lloyd Research Group’s ERP Experts Software Strategy:

  • Implement a Microsoft Dynamics ERP based solution integrated to other systems.
  • Integrate Dynamics GP for core financials across all divisions.
  • Several vertical industry software solutions were presented to fully support each niche market needs (logistics, waste management, route planning and management) and integrate them all into GP to supply integrated accounting.
  • Installed Scribe to create integrations between various vertical software products (line of business software)
    • PC Scale
    • Internet Dispatch

Successes Achieved with the ERP Sofware Strategy:

  • Each niche company now had the best of breed solution offering line of business software to run certain key divisions.
  • The new ERP software solution established a solid financial framework in GP providing powerful financial data and reporting.

Customer Comments:

Our Lloyd Research team can solve any enterprise software problem. Lloyd Research Group can resolve any of your enterprise software challenges, and collaborate with both Business and IT to further optimize your system. Your results? A bigger ROI from your ERP software solution.

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