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Implement a Winning CRM Strategy for Success!

Seats limited for this must attend event.

October 16, 2015

It’s a very simply formula. The more efficient your sales process, the greater chance you have at reaching your sales potential.

If there’s one acronym you need to know to improve your sales force efficiency, it’s CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the ability to constantly track your prospect, lead and customer interactions, maximizing sales force effectiveness. The bottom line – it allows you to grow your bottom line.

That’s why I think the upcoming full-day session, Implement a Winning CRM Strategy for Success is critical to your sales future.

The session, for small to medium-sized business owners, sales, marketing and customer service leaders, is Oct. 29 at Bryston’s on The Park, 5 Creighton Road in Sudbury (Copper Cliff) ON. Registration is essential as there’s a maximum 30 attendees. The $150 cost includes participant workbook a buffet lunch and refreshments.

To register please contact Scott Rennie at 705-674-4455 x4403 or go to here for registration and more details.        

The sales and marketing process is becoming increasingly complex. There’s need for effective customer data analysis. As the marketplace grows, there an undeniable need for focus, time management and improving results.

That’s where a CRM system makes the difference.

And that’s why we at Lloyd Research Group were quick to co-sponsor this session in collaboration with Northern Ontario Exports’, Mining Supply and Services Export Assistance Program.

The strategy for Success sessions are led by Microsoft MVP and North American acknowledged CRM expert Rick McCutcheon. It’s a non-technical session that outlines the critical factors for a successful CRM implementation and speaks to the advantages of building a CRM culture.

A well planned CRM project is tailored to the specifics of your company’s sales process. Reporting reflects your goals, your process and your future needs. It’s not uncommon during a CRM set up, that the analysis reveals flaws in your selling process. It provides analysis that helps eliminate duplicate or time consuming processes. It shows untapped potential in your sales pipeline.

A properly developed CRM system means less time with paperwork and more time in the field for sales staff. Can you imagine the sales gains if staff are in the field, 5, 10, 15% more of the time?

Rick provides the answers to building a CRM system that gains staff and management buy in and a complete understanding of the benefits.

Rick has built systems for large corporations and small business. In 25 years, he’s seen it all, and is a master at identifying efficient and non-efficient sales processes. He can show how to cut through the “we’ve always done it this way” and bring a sales force to new heights of achievement through CRM use.

That means building an efficient team culture of winning at sales and the confidence for a company of knowing you have a strategy to do so, today – and just as importantly, tomorrow.

I’d recommend attending this session. It’s all about building a winning sales strategy, and building confidence in your system to identify and win all untapped potential.


Dan Kaltiainen is an IT innovator with a passion for problem solving and technology. Dan started Lloyd Research Group Inc. in 1990. The company is a trusted IT industry leader and a valued go-to resource for enterprise software and business management solutions. To reach Dan call (705) 222-2422 or email

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