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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great product. It has a lot of additional add-ons that can augment the base functionality. Having all of our business data in one centralized repository for all our customers, communications, sales and service related information makes it really easy to get reports, dashboards, and analytics.

LRGI is a Microsoft Partner that really understands the Dynamics CRM product, the rich market of add-ons, and the partner resources that support it. They can be depended upon to keep the implementation on time and on budget using their project implementation methodology that helps keep the process moving and ensures success.

Agilis Networks
Guy Cloutier, Manager Network Services

We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM {because it} delivers powerful tools to map your business data and processes. It is part of a rich healthy ecosystem that is backed by a great company (Microsoft) with a solid reputation in the business world.

The solution has helped us reduce the amount of time required to get stuff done for the customer and internally. We are an IT company but we are also a business and we need this to help us drive business processes improvements and efficiencies.

As our Microsoft Partner, LRGI helped tie all solutions elements together into a single solution package; coordinating and pulling all of the people, partners, and tools together. We appreciate that!

Agilis Networks
Josey Frescura, General Mgr, Agilis Networks

What attracted us to Microsoft is the support options available to people in the IT world. New features and functionality are released on a regular basis and these can easily be installed by applying the updates. This technology environment allows the Levert Group to maintain a competitive edge by using the latest tools and technology.

The features and functionality in the Microsoft solution are more applicable to our industry (than the competition). The advanced reporting and management tools that are built in deliver insights into our business that gives Microsoft an advantage over its competitors.

That fact that these guys (LRGI) are certified, a reseller, and deliver the support helps tremendously; especially in a multi-vendor solution. There is no finger pointing amongst solution providers which frequently happens in a multi-vendor solution; and this doesn’t benefit the company. LRGI goes out of their way to facilitate resolution of issues and to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Lloyd Research looks at the company 1st, evaluates their needs, and then recommends what is ideal for the client. They stand behind their product. Once they are on it, they don’t disappear, they are a partner for the long haul.

Levert Group
Alain Carriere, Systems Administrator

Microsoft addressed a lot of problems that we had with our previous system. It enables us to get the reporting that we require and delivers the insights to make decisions and help build our business.

I like that LRGI came in with the attitude that they are an extension of our team. They feel like our partner as opposed to a vendor and have become an integral part of our day to day solutions. When we purchased GP, LRGI was instrumental in addressing all solution gaps and augment Dynamics GP’s core functionality to meet our industry specific needs integrating all of the solution components to work seamlessly together.

Levert Group
Barb Young, VP Business and Finance

LRGI came into the Diagnostic process with an open mind. They effectively reviewed the roles of our staff, processes and existing tools to better understand our requirements, and then did a great job at researching and presenting available solutions.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc.
Gary Waldick, Vice President & General Manager
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