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The City of Elliot Lake

The City of Elliot Lake developed a successful pilot project that was the only one of its kind in the province. In this project, the City was allowed to sell crown property for residential development on lakes in the region. It was a huge success quickly selling out the majority of lakeside lots in a short period of time and creating a miniature economic boom for the community.

The City of Elliot Lake’s Project Pain Points:

  • Residents building retirement homes on these lakes would need phone and internet services. Due to the remote nature of these lakes and distance from nearest infrastructure, Bell Canada wanted $1M per lake to bring telecom to each lake.
  • The City did not have the funding, expertise, or resources to setup and operate their own telecommunications service.
  • Part way thru the process, the City submitted applications for government funding were rejected by the province.

Lloyd Research Groups’ Project Solution & Strategy:

Lloyd Research Group was hired to undertake a Feasibility Study (and later a Business Plan) to determine the feasibility of using wireless to connect the properties on these remote lakes back to phone services within the City. Once proven in a business plan, LRGI was engaged to oversee all facets of the development and implementation of the service based upon the following innovative concept:

Technical solution

  • To build out a few telecommunications towers and wifi technology to reach the property owners with internet service
  • Use Voice over IP to deliver voice services over the internet connections

Business Solution:

  1. Partner with an ISP to setup and manage the service while the City owns the infrastructure

Funding Solution:

  1. Use innovative funding strategies that levered municipal funds to get 90% of the project funded by senior levels of government
  2. Successfully applied for funding under a national competition
  3. Applied for funding to the provincial government; had to rescue the funding by meeting and working through objections with government program managers

Successes of the Business Strategy:

Technology Successes:

  • The City of Elliot Lake implemented a cost-effective solution capable of delivering internet and voice services to the target areas.
  • The City of Elliot Lake was able to use the same technology (towers and infrastructure) to expand the City’s municipal network.

Business Model Successes:

  • Lloyd Research Group developed a business model based upon an innovative public- private partnership that leveraged private sector expertise to setup and manage the service.
  • The City of Elliot Lake now owns the infrastructure and can expand and direct its use to support future economic development as well as municipal initiatives.

Funding Successes:

  • 90% of the project was funded by federal and provincial agencies.

Customer Comments:

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