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The Northern Water Sports Centre

The Sudbury Canoe Club, Sudbury Rowing Club, Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival and City of Sudbury are working together to build the new multi-million dollar Northern Water Sports Centre (NWSC) near Science North. The Northern Water Sports Centre offers access to human powered on-water activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing and dragonboating.

Having long outgrown the current watersport facilities, the Northern Water Sports Centre will provide a much larger joint canoe/rowing/dragonboat clubhouse on a larger property near Science North. This facility will complement the surrounding Ramsey Lake attractions such as Science North and Bell Park and will lend itself to year round training activities. Due in large part to the world class race course, the facility will serve as a driver for Sudbury’s economy by attracting visitors to the city for a variety of events.

The Northern Water Sports Centre, during its planning and development stages, required funding and planning to help it secure all of the resources required to break ground and built a $6.8M facility.

Northern Water Sports Pain Points:

  • The volunteers had limited experience in developing comprehensive funding documents.
  • The volunteer group did not have the man-power or the skill to build and develop key partnerships with the community, funding agencies and the local business community.
  • A funding proposal deadline was in need of being rescued for fear of losing the funding opportunity.

Lloyd Research Group’s Business Development Strategy:

  • Lloyd Research Group Consultants were hired to develop a business plan, apply for funding applications and develop an impact study for the project.
  • Lloyd Research consultants worked with the NWSC Board of Directors to map out and develop a strategic plan.
  • Several funding applications were completed and submitted to provincial and federal governments.
  • The Lloyd Research Group met with local stakeholders, City staff and funding agencies to secure buy in and additional funding for the project.
  • Liaised with local media to develop a community profile and brand position for the NWSC.
  • Developed an economic impact statement based upon provincial guidelines that showcased the facilities ability to attract and host competitive events up to a national level.

Northern Water Sports Business Development Successes:

As a direct result of the efforts of Lloyd Research Group, the Northern Water Sports Centre:

  • Recovered a 1 million dollar funding approval that was in jeopardy.
  • Recovered a $20,000 funding approval after it was initially turned down.
  • Built up effective media support and brand positioning in the community.
  • Successfully developed an economic impact statement based on provincial guidelines that showcased the facilities ability to attract and host competitive events up to the national level.
  • Secured 1 million dollars in corporate sponsorships.
  • Secured 1 million dollars in provincial funding.
  • Secured 1 million dollars in federal funding.
  • Secured a location in the park from the City of Greater Sudbury along with $500,000 in municipal funding for the project.

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